For the past 10 years, KNYEW (pronounced “new”), has been the prime destination boutique for streetwear in Las Vegas. It was founded by two native New Yorkers in 2007. Their intention was to establish a boutique in Las Vegas that could offer accessibility to fashion, style, music and the arts similar to their hometown of NYC and an alternative life style to a city that was solely known for it’s gambling, nightlife and over-extravagance (hence the name KNYEW, acronym for “Keeping New York Everywhere”).

In the last 5 years, KNYEW has been focusing on their in-house brand which has grown exponentially and expanded to a full cut & sew line produced and manufactured in the US. Their last AW17 Collection had a tremendous response online, gaining notoriety for staple pieces like their "Basics Bar" Elongated t-shirts and “Raw Edge Hoodie”, Focusing on clean silhouettes and monochrome color ways with high quality fabrics, KNYEW’s motto aesthetic is to modernize basics and create new essentials for everyday streetwear

KNYEW is on the verge of becoming the first established clothing line in the industry to emerge from Las Vegas. Conceived in New York, distributed in Las Vegas, and made in the USA.