Tony Bag

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Brand Wood Wood

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Weekender bag in heavy nylon fabric with W.W. logo, button closures on the sides to assure a compact yet spacious appearance and a textured bottom. 

Height 34 cm, length 47 cm, width 19 cm

Wood Wood is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2002 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark founded by Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen. As a sub-cultural founded lifestyle brand, its founders grew up with graffiti and street culture in the 90's where style was key. They mix high fashion, sports and streetwear with youth culture, art and music creating the best possible product balanced between style and function. Best described as Contemporary Streetwear, Wood Wood has looked beyond just fashion and is making its mark with a strong sports component, combined with the brand's ability to move up and down the fashion spectrum.