Bonzai Workshirt

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Brand 10 Deep


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Camouflage canvas long sleeve woven shirt featuring front frog closures and mandarin collar with waist pockets and woven patch on left arm.

Made from 100% cotton. Fits true to size.

Driven by the same energy that generated many of New York City’s subcultural movements over the past several decades, 10.DEEP® was started out of a desire to create clothing that reflected the mix of skate, hip hop, art, social consciousness, and youth fashion culture of the city’s scene of that time.The name 10.DEEP® – a reference to the ten fingers of an individual’s hands – means strength through independence. Known for progressive design and quality product, 10.DEEP® is one of the few brands that connects proto-street style of NYC in the early 90s to today’s continuously evolving street style.